Terms and Conditions


When the booking is made, you automatically accept this Agreement. Read therefore carefully before you go ahead.


WebWik, Tent2Rent HB
Organization number: 969776-8134
Phone: +46707227738


You can book, depending on availability up to 24 hours before the desired pick-up of the equipment. Cancellation must be made no later than 3 days before the booked date for complete refund. If canceled later, half the rental cost will be refunded.


Any use of the rental equipment is at your own risk. The lessee is responsible for any accidents / injuries and are responsible for their own insurance.

The lessee shall take care of the equipment during the rental period and may not make any changes to it. The equipment shall be returned in the same condition, except for normal wear and tear. Tent2Rent is responsible for damages due to normal wear and tear. The lessee is responsible under the lease for any loss of the rented property as well as for all damage which is not normal wear and tear. Upon destruction, excessive damage or loss the lessee may pay for replacement of the goods. Depending on the extent of the damage, and at extremely dirty tents on return; an additional invoice will be sent out.


No hidden fees. The amount you pay at checkout is the total amount.

In case of delayed or extended use of gear, an extra charge will be made on the amount of day plus extra charge of 300SEK.