Trangia – Gasburner

70.00 kr inc. VAT / night

Normal use of gas is included

The Trangia 25-5 UL Cooker is a non stick Trangia set which includes a Gas burner for easy and fast cooking and as an alternative to the spirit burner. A gas burner provides a higher efficiency and is easier to control.

The Trangia 25-5 UL is a excellent storm-proof cooker designed for 3 to 4 people. The non stick coating allows for easy frying without oil and makes it easier to clean after use. Lightweight, fast and reliable in all weathers.

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2 Non-stick saucepans, 1.75 and 1.5 litre
1 Non-stick Frying pan, 22 cm
2 Windshields (upper and lower)
1 Burner.
1 Handle.
1 Strap.


Stove material : Aluminium
Diameter Packed: 22cm
Height packed: 10cm
Weight: 975g
Standard Butane/Propane screw fitment
Burn time: 3.5 mins (litre of water and tested at 20 degrees without wind)
Burns 150g of gas per hour
Cleaner flame
Allows easy adjustment of flame to control simmer


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