Muurikka – 58cm

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A Muurikka skillet is a Finnish three-legged iron skillet, ideal for cooking over an open fire. The three legs do screw on and off and there is a handle on each side of the cooking surface

It is important that you choose a place for your campfire where there is no risk of it spreading or causing damage to soil and vegetation. Gravel or sandy ground is best. Check for local fireban in the area you are at the moment. More Info

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The cooking surface is similar to that of a cast iron pan, which means you get a good even heat distribution. Also, you avoid that famous taste of lighting fluid that has become synonymous with the BBQ. The 58 is ideal for the bigger group of maybe four to eight people, if used by four people there will be enough space to cook many different ingredients. The weight of the Muurikka 58 is approximately 10kg.


  • Original Muurikka 58cm Griddle pan
  • Very versatile this product can cook loads of savoury and sweet dishes wiping down with oil will take any after tastes away
  • Made from cold pressed steel for strength and longevity, cooks like a cast iron but is much stronger and lighter
  • Easy to maintain, just keep oiled and use water to clean
  • Comes with removable steel legs for easy placement over a fire


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